My name is Craig Horwood, and I have been programming since 2010, when I was 11 years old. You can probably use that information to find out how old I am now. Back then, I was much more of a Flash animation enthusiast than a programmer, so I didn't get much practice. I would just occasionally follow a Flash game tutorial verbatim and change the graphics.

As the years went on, I slowly lost interest in animation and began to focus primarily on programming. I left Flash behind in 2013, remaining fluent in ActionScript, and since then I have become fluent in Java and C#, which I write most of my games and other programs in.

Right now, in 2018, I am learning network programming and experimenting with mobile development, i.e. software for the Android and iOS platforms. Also as I write this, my preferred languages are C++ for PC and mobile applications, Java for smaller PC projects, and TypeScript for web programming.